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To Special Committees,
The 10th World Integrative Medicine Congress (hereinafter referred to as the "Congress"), organized by the Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine and co-organized by the Sichuan Association of Integrative Medicine, is scheduled to be held in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province in early December 2022. The Congress will extensively exhibit latest achievements and developments in integrative medicine and invite famous experts and scholars at home and abroad to share insights and exchange ideas in order to promote medical innovations. All parties who have an interest are welcome to contribute!

I. Contents of the paper
1. Theoretical researches on integrative medicine, including the understanding of the academic status and role of integrative medicine, and the discussions and experiences on the ideas, approaches and methods of developing integrative medicine in new situations;
2. Major achievements and valuable experiences in the applications of integrative meicine in areas like clinical medicine, preclinical medicine, pharmacy, teaching, discipline construction as well as policy researches in the past five years;
3. Summaries and analysis of new diagnosis and treatment experiences in various clinical disciplines of integrative medicine, promotion and evaluation of new technologies and methods of integrative medicine, as well as new experiences and models for the transformation of scientific research results into clinical applications;
4. Practical experiences in clinical diagnosis and the treatment of dominant diseases based on integrative medicine and discussion on common clinical problems, and researches on the standardization of integrative medicine;
5. Researches on the future of integrative medicine and other related researches on how to promote the development of integrative medicine.

II. Requirements for the paper
1. The papers submitted to this Congress should be unpublished full-text papers;
2. Chinese and English abstracts: about 800 words;
3. Contributors should register first on the official website of the Congress before submitting their manuscripts and fill in the information form accurately in detail. The author's superior specialized committee (specialty), employer, job title, mailing address, e-mail, and mobile phone number shall be provided;
4. Submission method: Only submissions on the official website are accepted. Official website: http://www.wimco2022.com;
5. Deadline for submission: September 30, 2022;
6. All specialized committees should complete the submissions online before the deadline. The specialized committee that organizes the parallel sessions should submit no less than 100 papers. Other specialized committees should submit no less than 50 papers each.

III. Contact information

Contact: Eric Gu

E-mail: guxt@fumed.com.cn